About Us

For the majority of my life, I have always been fascinated by stunning interiors and gorgeous papers.  And I love that I have been fortunate enough to combine my two passions.  I can still remember my first interiors design client and how happy she was when I revealed her room to her.  The same holds true for my first stationery client – a bride who had placed an order with another company and after a mishap enlisted my help on a rush basis.  I was happy that I could help her by removing just one less bit of stress from an already stressful time.  And honestly, all of my clients are just like my first client.  I love creating and making others happy through design, whether by helping them select the perfect color choice for their bedroom or creating the perfect wedding invitation that will become a treasured memory.

As with home interiors, the stationery you choose should reflect your individual style.  And honestly, in a day and age when texting has taken the place of a simple phone call, there’s just something about receiving a written note in the mail or even hand delivered.  It truly is one of those rare times when WHAT it is written on might be just as important as what is being written in it.  So make sure it’s memorable.  All of the stationery and invitations that I design and print are custom created for my clients.  I design and print everything from social stationery and business cards to wedding invitations and favor tags.