Design Studio

All stationery is custom designed and digitally printed on thick cotton paper.  For wedding and event invitations, I also offer letterpress and offset printing.  I have a wide selection of fonts for you to choose from and colors can be selected to coordinate with your event.  Remember - your invitation is the first impression that your guests will have of your event. Why not make that first impression an AMAZING one! But don’t just stop at the invitation...carry the theme through the rest of your event by allowing us to assist you in the creation of coordinating reception elements as well, ensuring complete stationery coordination from start to finish.


For my local clients - I am available to meet with you to discuss your design options at your convenience.  During our meetings, I will produce a physical mockup of any design we have previously discussed as a starting point for our continual design planning.  I will also give you a physical mockup to keep.  I own and operate a professional digital printer, and although I have been told that the physical mockups are order ready - I will no longer offer printing services on orders over 100 units, but will instead send them out to my printing partners to complete.  I will still provide the physical mockups however so that you have an accurate measure of your colors and how the product will arrive to you upon delivery and pickup. 


For all clients - Please note the timelines for ordering wedding and event stationery and please plan appropriately.  While every stationery designers goal is to make all of our clients happy, please remember that we are human and not machines.  In order to ensure that you receive the best product at the best price from not just me, but any stationery designer - please try to adhere to the following timelines for placement of stationery orders, and also adhere to the stationery designers deadlines for final edit dates - as alterations to these dates can delay or totally disrupt the print and assembly process of your order.


Stationery Order Timeline


Stationery Item

Stationery Order Placement Time Frames


Save the Dates

6-12 Months before your wedding



2-6 months before your wedding


Reception & Favors

2-4 months before your wedding



1-3 months before your wedding


Thank You Notes

up to 3 months after your wedding



How the Studio Works

Once design orders are accepted, wording can be forwarded to me via email (preferably in MS Word) or I can assist you in creating the wording for your stationery piece.  You will then have up to three rounds of edits to your wording without incurring an additional editing expense.  Your order will be considered final once you have approved all wording, and will be sent to print once complete payment has been received.  Once your order is sent to print, please be aware that no other edits can be made.  The printed portion of your stationery will be delivered to me and assembly of your design will then begin at the studio.  I will contact you via email and phone to confirm delivery of your printed materials to the studio and to give you a pickup or shipment date for your completed order.  The pickup or shipment date will typically be within 10 business days from the date of my confirmation to you of my receipt of your printed materials in the studio.


A Note on Rush Orders

Rush orders will be accepted only if time permits and only if there are at least two weeks remaining from the time of approval of final wording and the completed order request date.  The studio can not accept orders that do not have a minimum of a two week window for print and assembly.  Thank you for your understanding.